Premium Photoshoot destination
&beyond | The Space

We are South India’s first and arguably the best photoshoot location with a variety of sets on offer.

With an assortment of individual indoor and outdoor sets, spread over a massive 3.5 acre property &beyond brings to you the best possible location to unleash your creativity.

Our Team
Meet the people behind the concept

Madhusudan Gadi, Founding Partner

Madhu is the creative brain behind &beyond | The Space and is responsible for the concept from the grounds up. With a vast experience in events and arts, his prowess lies in creatively ideating concepts that work towards making &beyond | The Space a joyful experience to shoot at for photographers and clients alike.

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Abhijeet Gupta, Founding Partner

Foraying into the events industry as a fresher armed with an MBA degree , Abhijeet quickly rose through the ranks in a highly competitive scenario by virtue of his clarity in thought and strategic thinking. The backbone of all things financial and systems at &beyond | The Space, Abhijeet is mostly found looking aheadĀ  and whats next at &beyond.